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This directory contains contact information on energy services companies (ESCOs) that have met the Commission's and utility requirements to provide energy supply, electricity or natural gas, and other services in New York. More information about Energy Competition
The Power to Choose website provides the tools to:


     1. Locate offers based on zip code and service type.
     2. Compare offers of interest.
     3. Print/save ESCO contact information.

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If you have a question regarding the Power to Choose website, please e-mail us at powertochoose@dps.ny.gov.


The prices and products displayed on this website are just one tool to use in selecting an energy provider. Please contact ESCOs for the most up-to-date information about pricing and the services being offered. Also, please remember that an ESCO can provide only your energy supply - the rate information provided here is for only energy. To find out the cost of energy delivery please contact your local utility company.


Prices can vary significantly from month to month due to market conditions and weather. In addition, new offers are constantly being added to the list of options. Many of these offers include value added services, such as fixed prices (the rate per kwh, ccf, or therm is the same each month), green power (electricity generated from renewable resources such as wind, solar, or hydro), furnace repair service, or telephone service bundled with your energy bill. If you do not see an offer that interests you, try again next month.